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Video Production

Nothing attracts attention like high-quality video. Today’s fast cloud hosting bandwidths make serving video a practical reality. That’s why so many businesses are starting to rely on it. It’s one of the best ways to communicate with consumers. When browsing online, people will often get distracted or bored while reading large amounts of text. As a result, they’re more likely to exit before the point of conversion. Visual images, on the other hand, are processed faster, so people prefer them. It gives them all of the important information in a relevant medium, which is better optimized to hold their attention. So, if you want to get your point across efficiently, video’s the best approach.

Sapphire Falls Web Design coordinates referrals for a variety of video production packages that are tailored to your needs, allowing the best possible media solutions for your business. Professional videos will showcase your organization’s unique identity and culture. We can help you through every part of the process, because we’re experienced in every facet of production. If you’ve been considering creating a video for your business, why not get started?

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Video Production
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Optimal Video Features

Video now has become an integral part of virtually every website and app and growth continues as consumers seek out more video content. There are a number of key features to keep in mind to ensure an optimal website video experience.

Use multiple video formats (MP4, OGV, FLV, WebM) for optimal viewing in various resolutions and aspect ratios to deliver over any type of browser, laptop or mobile device.
Responsive Design
Optimize video content for delivering on different screen sizes or fitting into a graphic design by dynamically resizing and cropping video on the fly (responsive design).
Adjust properties of video files, such as quality, bitrate, video and codecs to ensure optimal viewing for all of your users and achieve significant bandwidth savings. Common video codecs options include: H.264, MPEG-4, Theora and WMV.